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Originally Posted by justcrazylove View Post
16 years on this board and Michele is the glue to this whole ****show. She allows analytical reasoned debate. That can at times result in people venting their emotions, that should be encouraged not hindered; it prevents the board from descending into a worship ground. These 5 human beings that we love are above not above reproach, they are not above anything. Stevie's and Mick's actions in the past two years have been deplorable, the scorn is valid and expected, they broke a lot of peoples heart's, mine included. This board will bounce back, we have lived through the 7wonders years and many a glut of ardent Stevie supporters throwing nasty comments Lindsey's way.
I appreciate the kind words. You know, things have changed. It’s due to the age of the band, the fact that there’s no new material to discuss, Lindsey’s firing and the changing nature of the internet, which has given us so many new, alternate platforms. And we’ve changed too. The Ledge will never be like it was. The current tone may not be the “new normal”. Maybe we’re still evolving into whatever the new normal is, but the old normal is NEVER returning.

There are different ways to be a fan and I’m just not the glowy, positive vibe type of fan. I never have been. I am the “Why in the devil did Kristen put that picture of Lindsey on the cover of Gift of Screws??” type of fan. I will always complain.

Viv mourned Lindsey for 2 months. I will mourn him until I DIE. Save for death, there is no end in site. It’s a permanent thing. I never stopped wanting Christine back. I cried in concert when the other two performed without her, right up until her return and she was (at the time) only my third favorite.

Happiness is a ephemeral. You never feel the same joy you did when something great happens for the first time, but sadness and loss remain fresh every time you recall what’s gone. The pain renews itself. I cannot pretend that the heart ache falls away. It’s never ending.

Let’s just be glad that for those who seek them, there are “worship grounds” like you mentioned. People can readily find whatever type of place that feels like home to them.
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