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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
Stevie's a co-writer for this song. Hope it's a rocker. The two M5 singles Nobody's Love and Beautiful Mistakes are bad. Memories is pretty good, even though it's 2 yrs old.
that sounds like a classic Stevie thing of she has some lyrics written but no music to set them to, then collaborating with a more talented musician (lindsey, dave, mike, etc) to put them to music.

ETA: having now listened to it, it's hard to figure out which bits of lyrics she might have written..and it's definitely far too structured for it to have been a song she brought whole cloth into the studio. The only bits that sound like her are the sun and the candles. Someone said maybe she wrote the chorus or part of it, and that sounds most likely to me. Overall the song is very generic sounding, but that's the production,

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