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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Thats a good question but we may never know. Street Angel was an odd time for Stevie. She was just off drugs for the first time in decades, her hair got burnt, she put on weight and her press started recycling older photos. Stevie also got cheap during this time and would not even do a video for her lead single. On a radio interview she said she did not want to spend too much money because she might have to downsize in her older years (I am paraphrasing). She also was pissed off about the record. Many factors could have contributed to her not using Herbert. Maybe her photos needed a more kind of touching that Herbert did not do during that time.
She made several statements in the early to mid nineties that suggested she was either afraid of running out of money or was trying to conserve. Like she had to use the royalties from the then very popular Smashing Pumpkins cover of Landslide to repair her pool. It wasn't until the money started to roll in again for The Dance that she seemed to spend freely again.
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