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Originally Posted by sleepless child View Post
I loved Behind The Mask. I really got behind the Rick and Billy years. I wasn't to angry or sad that Lindsey had left. Not like now. I love Do you know and Hard Feelings. And I thought Stevie's songs were really good except for The second Time. I love lindsey and I hate that he was let go from Fleetwood Mac, but I'm not crazy about his producing style. I'm not crazy about Mirage or Tango in the Night. Behind the Mask is more straight forward rock n roll. It's a shame that incarnation of the Mac didn't last too long.
I agree with most everything you said. The reason this incarnation of the Mac did not last too long is because BTM was a major dud. One song barely cracked the top 40. No Stevie singles either. A Fleetwood Mac album without hits was just too strange. IMHO I am glad they did not embrace the pop vibe like on Tango or Mirage. But commercially there was nothing to stick around for. Christine really was a front person for the band at this time. Stevie was zonked out and the new guys weren't as well known. Chris wrote some great songs and loved her playing on the album.
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