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Default Re: THIS IS HARD!!

Originally posted by wondergirl9847

Here is another photo I have of Linds on my pencil cup...from the Tusk era...sigh....this guy at my job says Lindsey is gay, I told him he was just jealous because he wasn't on my pencil cup.

Tusk Era Lindsey is my fave. In fact that picture you posted is my all time favorite picture of him!! I LOVE it! I showed my mom a pic similiar to that in the Tusk tourbook and she said "he's pretty like a girl." I can see how Lindsey may be mistaken for being gay. He's really not one of those super-masculine type guys and I think that sometimes he talks and acts like he could be gay - though we know he is NOT of course. So what I'm saying is I can see how somebody not familiar with him could mistake him for being gay. Just my opinion.

On to another subject Lindsey in the Little Lies video and Seven Wonders video is sooo cute, I can't believe Stevie just didn't kiss him right there just because he's so darn good looking. nuff said.

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