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Default Mirage show bad edits

First of all I am not flaming the Mirage show. Its these concerts that made me a fan. I think they are brilliant and capture the band at a pivotal phase. It was right before all the solo careers blew up the band. It was also the last Mac shows without back up singers, etc. The show is not lip synced either. We also get a real camera crew on stage without that annoying floating camera buzzing around the stage. They were on top of their game with their age, beauty, and talent.
Having said that, there are always been a few bad edits that drove me nuts. Notice how they rearranged GYOW as to appear to be the encore instead of Sisters. You can see a quick mili-second of Stevie bowing with a tambourine at the end of Sisters meaning the footage was clipped at the wrong place. At the end of Sisters right before the last verse, there is a major edit for an unknown reason. Did the band screw up? Suddenly the music cuts and then back in with Stevie at the mic.
This concert was so good its a shame the HBO show was only allowed for about 60 minutes. I know its a pipe dream of all of us but a full Mirage show released on video would be the biggest gift all of us fans ever wanted.
Also, does anyone know if this particular LA show is the only time Stevie throws in: sister, brother, sister brother...of the moon. I've listened to many Mirage shows and never heard her say brother again.
Was anyone at these LA shows? Didn't David say the top part of Christine's keyboard was not plugged in? Does anyone think that was a real joint Lindsey was smoking during a recorded concert? Or was it just for show? Is it me or does it appear that Chris gives Stevie side eye when Stevie comes on stage for YMLF (right before the singing starts). Chris backing Lindsey on Im so afraid is incredible.

Give me your opinions and knowledge!
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