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Gosh, this release date takes me back to right before the world was going to change. Like many, I was going crazy with anticipation for this album to be released. I remember logging into The NicksFix daily hoping for an update. She worked on this album for years. If you recall, her record company did something clever and sold online streaming of the album before its release. Thats how it jumped to #5 on the album charts and was her highest ranked album since The Wild Heart also was at #5.
So I actually bought this album twice, the streaming package and the CD.
This is probably my least favorite Stevie album after RAL. I am in the minority where I love TOSOTM and like Street Angel but this album just disappointed me on so many levels. Lets not forget that this album was sort of created like RAL. It started with one producer then pretty much finished before it was scrapped and Sheryl Crow came in. What do I dislike about the album so much? IMHO so many of the songs are meh blah and sound like the same music track backing with almost the same beat. The percussion is almost faded out on many of the tracks. I think Everyday has to be Stevie's worst single ever. There are about 4 tracks that I do like.
Trouble In Shangri La
Bombay Sapphires
Love Is
Planets of the Universe (dance track only)
I remember when the dance track came out for Planets and going to the hottest clubs in South Beach and dancing to it. I also have it on CD its so good.

Also like RAL, I think some of the best songs were left off. The 2000 version of Thrown Down would have been the best song on the album. Good gosh it has a guitar solo in the song too. As much as it SHOULD have made the album, I am glad it made SYW since Lindsey did make it better.
Most of the album is not interesting to me and the music takes no risks at all. I want to hear the drums cracking. I want to hear the guitars. So while the songs could be quality, I find them incredibly boring. IMHO Street Angel is a better album even though I only love about 50% of that album.
Even in songs that l really love like Trouble In Shangri La, the music could have used some slick drumming and let the music break down and explode again something like a Bella Donna track. So IMHO many of these songs sound like demos where someone who was a good producer could have polished them and made them gems. Any producers she worked with in her career would have done a better job than Sheryl......Lindsey, Jimmy, Rupert, etc. I guess I am saying these songs needed some life. There are some Stevie songs that I hate but I can still listen to them. Many on this album I have no interest in ever hearing again like that made me stronger and so many others.

To sum up this album for me: disappointment would become my middle name.

This is Thrown Down that did not make the album. Laughable this was passed on while others kept. Even though its a good track. OMG it sounds like every other track on the album. B O R I N G. Its almost like Sheryl created karaoke tracks for Stevie to sing to and they all sound way too similiar.
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