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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
There must have been a conspiracy against FM that purposely made ALAYF not a hit. When I first heard it and saw the video, I instantly thought it was going to be #1. Everyone was anticipating what the new Mac would sound like plus it was on a very popular Greatest Hits record.
Yet...never ever heard it on the radio even why I tried to find it
MTV never played the video. Only VH1 played it. I remember being so pissed why MTV would not play it.
The song never even cracked the top 40. Unbelievable.

Do you suppose Lindsey was secretly paying MTV and radio stations not to play it?
That's some peak chiffon tin foil hat level territory there..

I remember as a youngster seeing the ALAYF video on VH1 but definitely don't recall it on MTV - coming off Tango you'd think they'd be more successful but I think the timing was just bad for a group of 40-45 year olds who were definitely coming off their "cool" peak.
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