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Default Box set potential

Now that Warners are releasing the Early Years box set chronicling 1969-74 including bonus tracks and a live set, is it inconceivable they could also do a Later Years covering 1988-2013. Here's what I have in mind.

DISC 1: Behind the Mask (+ tracks from sessions)
DISC 2: Time (+ tracks recorded before Warners forced Christine's involvement - I'm sure there must be some - and World Cup version of Blow By Blow).
DISC 3: The Dance
DISC 4: Say You Will

DISC 5: Non-album cuts as follows (order flexible)

1. As Long as You Follow
2. No Questions Asked
3. Paper Doll
4. Lizard People (not currently commercially available)
5. Love Shines
6. Heart of Stone
7. Make Me a Mask
8. Not Make Believe
9. Love Minus Zero/No Limit
10. Sad Angel
11. Without You
12. It Takes Time
13. Miss Fantasy
14. Gold Dust Woman (The Dance DVD version)
15. Over My Head (Dance DVD)
16. Gypsy (Dance DVD)
17. Songbird (Dance DVD)
18. Go Insane (Dance DVD)
19. Peacekeeper (Live@AOL version)
20. Smile At You (Live@AOL version)

Live in Boston DVD
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