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I'm guessing No. If you want a Rumours lineup Farewell Tour, tap into your fond memories of 2015 because That Was It.

Christine is 78. That's verging on elderly. And her vocals were noticeably subpar on the footage I peeked at for the 2018 "FleetMac Karaoke" tour.

John is 75 and not in good health. And it's been said he doesn't want to.

Mick is 75 and not sure he's really up to it either, though he's the only one who truly seems to want to do it.

Lindsey is currently still fired and (understandably) bitter about it. Plus health issues and his voice is weakened.

Stevie, it couldn't be clearer to me, wants to spend her remaining performing years being Capital-S Stevie doing her solo thing, and doing it entirely on her terms. She didn't seem to enjoy the band's lame 2018 tour and new lineup that much, even though she's the one who set that particular outcome in motion. Everything she's said/posted online in 2020-2021 about wanting to perform again and feeling like there's precious little time left... has (to me) the flavor of wanting to do it all her way and only her way. Solo. And to her credit, she's done a good job maintaining her health and her singing voice (such as it is).. it's basically unchanged since Say You Will, and you're either a fan of Older Stevie's vocals or you're not.

So that's far short of a situation in which all five of them actually even want to do it.

And even if they all did want to, age is cruel. The health issues, and the ability to play well for hours or to still sound good singing. 70 may be the new 60, but 80 is still damn old. And they are headed in that direction, Christine first, the rest to follow soon after. Almost no musical artist can do a tour at age 80 and do it well. There's a reason our national retirement age is 65.

So, No. I deeply doubt it can happen. If there is a farewell *concert* -- a single event -- with the five of them, we'll be lucky.

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