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Originally Posted by David View Post
I realize that some fans (where did Steve and Mr. Sugar go, by the way?) were initially looking forward to some new magic generated by this configuration. But that hope seems to have fizzled, even in the most quixotic of them. Unless you're perfectly content attending these big stadium and arena thingies for $400 a pop for the rest of your life and not hearing anything new on vinyl or in the print media or even on TV, you've probably moved on.

Mick himself may or may not have had greater expectations for this project - I don't know. It's almost impossible to tell with him. He's the guy who has reached out to grab anyone who happened to be walking down the street for the past fifty years. The recent article (posted in another thread) about a "love story" between Mick, Stevie, and Neil's old hit song is silly. This latching on to Neil's ancient work (ask Stevie to name a Neil Finn song besides the two Fleetwood Mac is playing) is no more a love story than Mick and the Big Town Playboys, Billy Thorpe, Billy Field, Dane Donohue, or other one-ups. This urge to reach out and pull in players who catch your eye can be a good thing, but when it's so incessant - as in Mick's case - it begins to seem like a neurosis.

(Stevie has this urge too. But at least she doesn't form whole new bands with the people she picks up every year. She didn't form a band around, say, the Williams Brothers.)
Would certainly not put it past Stevie to have gone ought (okay, who am I kidding... she may have sent Karen to the shops...) and bought a chunk of the Crowded House and Split Enz catalogue to listen to and learn some songs. She did this when she was considering joining Fleetwood Mac and was impressed by what a great band they were. Hell, some of the old songs made it into the set simply because she likes them so much.

Stevie always reveled in being the only honorary girl Heartbreaker. The difference between Stevie and her best friend Mick being that she can write a decent tune and sing it herself. If we had these hangers on Mick latches onto playing songs he wrote, we could only expect These Strange Times and Lizard People all over again.
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