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Originally Posted by eclipse
I am somewhat new to the "older Mac" stories and history...
Can someone give me a little "Readers Digest" version of "The Munich Accident". I gather, from what I read that Peter was at a mansion in Munich- took lsd and ...what...flipped out?
Was it supposed to be the first time that he encountered the drug...or his last?

Thanks for any background
Ok, I'll jump on it...

The "accident" took place in Munich, Germany in March, 1970, probably after the concert on March 22. However , M. Celmins claims that the band were in Munich for 3 days, which doesn't agree with the tour itinerary found on the FM legacy website (March 23 they played in Nurnberg). The men who were there remembers it like this:

Accoring to road manager Dennis Keen:
After the gig Peter was invited to a party by a beautiful girl, so he and road manager Dennis Keen went. They got to a big house (a "hippie" commune) where a party was underway, and drank wine that was spiked with lsd (both of them).

Keen only has one memory of Peter during their 24-hour stay, of him jamming some weird music in the basement. Keen found the atmosphere strange and wanted to leave after some 10 hours, and called Clifford Davis to come and get them.

Peter green:
Peter says they were met at the airport in Munich by a boy and a girl, who came to the hotel after the show and invited them to the "commune". He and dennis went there, he played some exciting music and was put to bed by a girl, tripping and tired. The concert next day he felt "marvelous, fresh and not grubby". He does recall the acid trip as being pretty wild...but he didn't "flip out" afterwards or anything.

It's hard to say what impact the famous acid trip had. Green obviously had thought of leaving the band before Munich. McVie and Fleetwood's reaction the whole Munich thing (shock, anger), at a guess, was maybe coloured by peter leaving the group shortly afterwards. On the other hand, the commune people may have tried to drum something into Peter; rock music was a target for anarchistic youth back then, as was becoming more commercial (higher prices on concert tickets etc.). It doesn't ring true however that that one trip destroyed Peter, he had done acid several times before and did afterwards too, I gather.
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