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Originally Posted by mzero
sf2k is correct, at least according to mc's book it was dennis that was at the munich house with peter.

i do know a fair bit about syd barrett. his case is similar in that he was under tremendous pressure to produce hit records and lead the band. was different in that, by all accounts that i've read, he took much more acid than pete (both intentionally and spiked) and very large quantities other drugs (mandrax). some believe this led to serious brain damage as well as induced mental illness. as i recall both roger waters and david gilmour (who both knew him as teenagers) believe that there were possibly underlying latent mental issues that the drug use brought on. barrett has well recovered to that the degree that he has lived alone and maintained a house for many years now. i believe that barrett does not have schizophrenia although he prefers not to interact with people other than relatives and tends to depression. on the otherhand, again according to what i've read, he paints and gardens,does his own shopping and is on good terms with his neighbors.

skip spence was schizophrenic which was brought on by drug use. the onset of his illness was sudden, coincided with drug use and associating with people with dubious intentions (a self-proclaimed witch). he tried to attack some of his bandmates with a fire-axe and was institutionalized. he never fully recovered but did cut one album immediately after he was released. he, unlike pete, had no family to look after him and no royalties to subsist on. subsequently he spent the next 30 years drifting, much of the time from the mid seventies to early 90's as a transient. still he was active musically off in san jose, santa cruz, and in the santa cruz mtns up around ben lomand. though virtually no material was formally recorded or was released. some of the original doobie brothers were associates of skip's in the early 1970's. and up until the few months before he died skip was making music, also unreleased. according to what i've read, spence was a very unusual person even before the drug use - could pick up new instruments with no training, could compose songs and arrangements in his head etc.

yes, sorry, it was dennis at the house. and as you say, he did the same lsd and didn't suffer any ill effects. Some people should never take lsd, while others apparently can handle it. But the parallell with syd barret is interesting, whereas he could be termed an "acid casualty", peter is not, at least not in the same sense.
The skip spence album is called "oar", i believe. Hailed as a classic by some critics, has anyone haerd it?
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