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Originally Posted by ThePenguin View Post
I love that one too. First of all, those button fly jeans or whatever they're called are HOT. He looks like he's kind of enjoying her attention. That absolute softness in his expression...he's melting. really, how often do you see John like that?!? IMO Chris totally brings that out in him. and yeah i'm a sap and I know it. but his being with her/talking about her...mercy, sometimes you can cry just from the look on his face.

Oh, I totally know what you mean, you really said exactly what I think and feel. His face when heīs looking at her..itīs just so sweet, and not to mention those loong eyelashes! Heīs just plain gorgeous, thatīs all But their story is just so sad and every time you hear him talking about her (in interviews etc.) you can tell that he still loves her very much.
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