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Originally Posted by ThePenguin View Post
Yeah I'd go w/ all of the above. I think sleeping w/ 2 of your 3 male bandmates is quite enough for any woman. There's an interview tape from around 1980 w/ John and Stevie, where he says Stevie must not like him or thinks he's ugly or something-- and she tells him, "John, there's still time." but he says he can't because his wife's there.

BTW there are a couple parts in that photo shoot where J and S are being flirty. In another section he puts his hands on her tush and she pulls them up-- I think that was right before he lifted her and carried her away. In another part he makes like he's about to slip his hand down the top of her shirt; she smacks him and says, "You're terrible!" He laughs but then after a minutes sighs from the boredom and mutters, "I can't stand it." John and photo shoots-- not a match made in heaven. :laugh

Gotta love John! Do you remember what interview this was?
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