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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
I agree Lindsey's solo career didn't make as much money or chart as high as Stevie's.
Itís not a contest. Lindsey wasnít viable as a solo artist at that time. His album tanked in spite of heavy promotion and the leadership change at the label didnít favor him going forward as a solo artist. It also didnít favor Fleetwood Mac going forward without him and Stevie, especially if Christine wasnít going to do an extensive tour. Stevie also hit a low point in her career and needed to reinvent herself on a grand scale. A reunion was the only way any of them had a chance to have careers going forward.

Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
I remember Fleetwood Mac playing a small nightclub in 1994 (one year before Time) in West Palm Beach. I imagine this is what Mick regrets about carrying the band on at any cost. I wonder what they were paid for such a small gig.
Youíd be surprised. Some of the small venues come up with serious cash to get a a couple of big name acts. Iíve seen some small venues come up with over $30,000 for a band.

Iíd be curious to see the itinerary at that time. It could have been a pickup gig. In any case, I never faulted the venues and tours they did in 94-95 because they didnít have an album of new material out. Since it was a new lineup with none of the vocalists in the classic lineup and they didnít have anything released except one song, I donít know what people expected them to play.
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