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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
I read an interview with Lindsey where it sounded like Irving wasn't an artist's manager, much like Paul McGuinness, Guy Oseary and Jon Landau were, but a man who wants power and control.
He came to Lindsey's show and only said "the balcony wasn't full"
Lindsey seems like a client that Irving would consider an a** pain. Irving proudly stated that he told the Eagles not to play any new songs in their set (Context: 2013 Tour) Then you look at Lindsey doing 8 new songs in a set with Chris.
oh completely agree with all this, and yeah i read the same. but that's the thing - Azoff only looks to a bottom line, doesn't care about the art or the artist. so he doesn't go personal. that's why i was confused with your thinking that he would not let LB back to FM. he wouldn't care if that would be good for his bottom line. and right now he's really SN's manager i think, not FMs. I think Stubner is still Mick's and Christine's manager.

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