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Originally Posted by BigAl84 View Post

I canít see ANY of them actually coming together for these one off performances they have talked about pivoting to. Way too much work.

I know I said this before, but it really struck me how the entire band brushed off the fallout like it was 1987 again, as if they have another 20 years to pull **** on one another, do ****ty things, and eventually kiss and make up over the next decade. None of them (besides Lindsey) acknowledged how privileged they were to all still be healthy and able to perform together after all of this time. In the 11th hour of their careers they dove head first into complete petty nonsense over a god damn greatest hits tour. It will never make sense to me how they chose to die on the cross for a tour that really had no significance and still has no significance.
I can't believe Christine is hanging in there at her age. Stopping for a full year at that age has to be rough. But of course she's doing little actual playing these days, so as long as she can croak out enough notes to pass, I guess that's all that matters.

But $tevie says $he's not the boss, so what gives?

Her ego is out of control, and $he KNOWS $he's the boss. The only guarantee for a moderately full house- is for Mick to have that old goat front and center. He knows her herd will follow. Because $he's the be$t. $he's awe$ome!
And I'm David, not Homer!(we all should be able to change our name, at least once)
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