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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
True dat
Just saying Say You Will is vintage Lindsey. He worked so hard on the album and each track really shows his musical and production talents. I was over-reacting to the majority on this forum who appear to not appreciate Say You Will.
I hear him on every note and production value. While some may say Tusk is under produced, Say You Will is produced perfectly IMHO. IMHO, some don't get the musical genius of Lindsey. There are several tracks on Say You Will that are Lindsey at his finest.
Perhaps because I listened to Say You Will a million times with headphones, I hear things some may not. Gosh remember before I-pods, there was the carrying case for a portable CD player? LMAO well, I jogged many miles down Miami Beach listening to Say You Will probably a million times with my CD player carrying case LOL.

I agree.....Say You Will is another Buckingham masterpiece and followed by another masterpiece the BuckMcVie album. It just sucks that the three songwriters never seem to be on the same page.
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