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Originally Posted by anusha View Post
Honestly, I hadnít been here for a few weeks after my last post and this thread and possibly this fandom is mirroring the toxic cesspool that the band is.
you know, similarly to what you are saying, it's funny to come back here even every few days as i usually do, to kinda de-stress from everyday life and work, and you see this one thread - which has completely nothing to do with the topic dragged on in it - revived on and on.

the thing is, you usually know exactly where everyone stands, who in the band is each person's favorite - whether it is the band as a whole, Christine, Lindsey or Stevie. the only person who abruptly changed their tune around the time when Lindsey firing became public is Steve, and that's i think why so many people were at first so surprised and tried to rationally argue his points. his arguments used to be interesting and leveled.

now most of Steve's arguments became the same as what any regular chiffonhead would argue, except he is still trying to back up his speculations as fully legit with his old reputation of having some cred from [previously?] working in/adjacent to the industry and first and foremost being FM's rhythm section fan.


"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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