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Originally Posted by David
But other ledgies, like Steve, are more prone to twisted plots and contrivances than I
Not twisted, just common sense. The Eagles and Page/Plant had amazing success with reunions in 1994 and Smashing Pumpkins had a minor hit with “Landslide.”

OOTC tanked, “Street Angel” tanked, and Fleetwood Mac was opening for CSN or touring as part of oldies packaged tours without any of the vocalists from the classic lineup.

By the time “Time” was finished, Lindsey was already back in the picture. He makes a cameo and Neale is mentioned in the liners. “Time” was DOA. Even Dave Mason said that they knew the “Rumours” lineup was getting back together while they were making the album. Four months after its release, Mick announced he was working again with Lindsey Buckingham (which obviously had been going on for a while). A month later, Dave Mason’s bassist confirmed Fleetwood Mac had split up, followed by a statement by Mick a few weeks later. A little over a month after that, Mick, John, Christine, Stevie, and Steve Winwood (in for Lindsey) showed up at the Kentucky Derby, with Mick explaining Lindsey was at home recording. And then a week after that, “Twisted” was released. “Twisted” was released six months after “Time.”

Given the failures of OOTC and Street Angel, the failed attempt by Fleetwood Mac to relaunch without Stevie and Lindsey and not having Christine on the road, the changing of the guard at WB, the success of the Eagles and Led Zeppelin reunions, and success of Smashing Pumpkins with a Fleetwood Mac song, the wheels for a reunion were obviously in motion as early as 1995. “Twisted” was a test run for the three with the most drama between them.
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