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I have always LOVED that album. I bought it the day it came out and I remember thinking Billy and Rick were just the shot in the arm Mac needed as I felt LB's production on Tango was too commercial compared with the organic sound of White Album and Rumours.

Chris was still every inch Chris on Skies the Limit and the title track and Rick Vito totally rocked - Love is Dangerous and Stand On the Rock remain firm favourites of mine.

I have to confess I wasn't a big fan of Billy's writing though - note that his contributions were either collaborations/duets with other members or written with outside professionals. I couldn't help thinking he probably had very little to do with the writing of When It Comes to Love which bore all the hallmarks of Simon Climie and Dennis Morgan its co-writers. Climie of course was the vocal half of the short-lived Climie Fisher duo (remember (Love Changes) Everything?) and went on to produce and co-write Eric Clapton's ill-advised forays into drum machines like My Father's Eyes.

That said I can't help but salute Billy for standing by Mick through the wilderness years that culminated in the commercial disaster that was Time.
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