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Originally Posted by tango87 View Post
I've just been revisiting the Deluxe Tusk set, and I found myself marvelling at the guitar in the Sisters Of The Moon remix. I know Lindsey would always downplay his abilities as a screaming-guitar-soloist, but I think he protests too much. Songs like Tango In The Night, or the Live album versions of I'm So Afraid and Don't Let Me Down Again, all have magnificent epic solos. I'm So Afraid, in particular, rivals Comfortably Numb for me.

I've never had much time for guitarists who can noodle up and down the fretboard, as if they're just filling up their allotted number of bars by attempting to dazzle with their virtuosity. I much prefer a solo that comments on the song, or takes it onto another level. I'm thinking of that euphoric solo in You Make Loving Fun, or the glorious one that ends Book Of Love! So beautiful. Those two solos in Mystified - they just carry me off into rapture.
yes - that screaming guitar solo on SOTM remix made me a fan of SOTM all together. and that's why i so disliked neutered version of SOTM on recent tours. guessing SN wouldn't let him steal her thunder considering all his solos on her songs were basically cancelled on recent tours, while once Christine came back he really added back some dazzling guitar solos, on songs like You Make Loving Fun. but SOTM remix guitar solo takes that song on a completely new level and it's among my favorites of his.

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