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Originally Posted by Nicks Fan View Post
Her last tour was successful but I think having the Pretenders along helped a great deal. It amounted to a tour similar to the ones being put on with bands like Def Leppard and Journey or Chicago and REO Speedwagon, Heart with Sheryl Crow and Elle Goulding or Steve Winwood and Santanna etc. You get two groups of fans buying tickets.
Except that they were playing arenas, not state fairs or small amphitheaters.

Hypothetical. Stevie plays a 20,000 arena show thatís half full and only half the crowd is there to see Stevie. Thatís 5000 people paying to see Stevie. LBCM headline a 4000 seat arena down the road thatís 3/4 full. Thatís 3000 people for 2/3 of Fleetwood Macís vocalists.

Thatís the reality with Fleetwood Mac.
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