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MacFan, wasn't that the "wall of sound" Thrown Down? I really like it and although Lindsey did a nice job on Say You Will, I would've been happy had it appeared on TISL and been the lead single. It's great and would've done at least as well on the charts as Rooms On Fire. This would've made a hard pass and solid NO on Everyday, a terrible song that drags the album down. Also, some Hard Advice was in order around that Made Me Stronger, "Stevie, tear that page out of your journal and let's pretend it didn't happen" and go out and buy that doll

As well, Space Needle had real potential, along with the gorgeous Call on Me for Magic and My Heart being passed on, and Touched by An Angel was pretty as well. In other words, TISL needed a few more pretty songs to smooth out some of the vocal and musical rough edges that are hard to listen to.
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