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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
And yep.
Though to be fair, raising 3 kids is work...let's face it he was on the road so much of their lives. That said, she referenced in some interview that she 'managed it all' by having an 'amazing staff' so... But THAT said, we've not heard any salacious stories about any of them (which, granted doesn't mean there aren't any) which is a pretty admirable accomplishment raising rich brats in LA. As Jackie Kennedy famously said, "If you mess up raising your kids, nothing else you do really matter". Their kids don't seem so far to have turned out messed up so I'll give her kudos for that.
Yeah, the girls seem really great. The boy may be a handful, but look: his dad was sitting on the floor smoking hash for most of his twenties, so what do yo expect?
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