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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
That is so true. Lindsey saw his dad and brother die young because of hereditary heart problems. He had fear his whole live and then it happened and he survived. He could have died or survived and lost his voice. He recovered and having survived does change you. His wife was so loyal to him when he was fired and she came out swinging. She could have just let the endless fighting in the band be like any other day. Yet she made it known how poorly he was treated. It seemed Lindsey took it better than his wife. Lindsey has changed over the years. He never wanted to be part of a big money machine but embraced the big money machine for the last 20 years with the Mac. Remember the Cream magazine interview from 1982 where Lindsey said he saw his future of not touring when he turned 40. He changed and we all change. We owe them the privacy they deserve and I have no interest in what happened. Their marriage lasted many times longer than other rock stars.
Iím interested from the standpoint of understanding what Lindsey is or isnít going through. Maybe heíll talk about it if he wants to and even write songs about it at some point.
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