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Lightbulb The Just Thought I'd Share Thread

Caitlin a.k.a. Enchanted Stevie had posted a thread on That Other Board called "Just Thought I'd Share" - - - It ended up being really popular. It also helps to save a lot of space and keep things from getting really disorganized with a million different threads. I asked her if it's okay with her if I borrow the idea and start one in here and she said to go for it.

The idea is you just post any ol' random thing - news, an update about what you're doing, thoughts you've just had, ideas, wishes, hopes, dreams, w/e it's ALL good!

So here we GO! Have fun!

Here's one to start:

Definitely wanna enjoy some sun this Labor Day, so I'm gonna go
out in the back yard and read now.

Just Thought I'd Share. (JTIS.)
So if the ghosts are gone then doesn't that mean I'm kinda screwed??
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