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Great track listing Steve Mac- infinitely better songs than the Stand on the Rocks, Hard Feelings and Second Times that dragged the record down. Not sure if Desiree was available then but boy, what a great song that one is. For all the criticism Time takes, the production was wonderful and would've changed the whole vibe of BTM and possibly made it a moderately high seller. Although the band was on the outs by the time 1990 rolled around.

As far as the Stevie songs, I think Affairs should have been replaced with the Dealer, BTM was its proper time in my view. Freedom would've been killer with a better, softer more controlled vocal along the lines of Angel or Sisters of the Moon from Tusk.

Christine songs with better production, would've been like the fine wine to match her great voice at the time. Although lacking some of the hooks of her previous work, her songs we generally all good.

For producer, I'm going to go with Keith Olsen- he would've done the necessary work to make this album great.

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