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Originally Posted by On Ice View Post
You're right Greendaze 5 Love is Dangerous was definitely played at what was then the Skydome in Toronto, I was in the front row. I think a few months after its release Behind the Mask was quickly becoming a "flop" and that no amount of subsequent singles would lift the album out of that status. It was hard to deny the lead single some airplay but it could not carry the album and either could the tour. A harsh reality, oh my, I can't believe I'm saying this, 30 years ago.
I was in the 3rd row on the side (where Rick Vito usually stood).

I just looked up the tour dates to refresh my memory. The Toronto show was in Oct., so that means 'Love is Dangerous' was added to the 2nd leg of the tour (not on the first and then dropped). I saw the 1st leg in July at Great Woods in Massachusetts (where the song wasn't done).

At Great Woods, they had a fancy stage set. The stage was hidden behind a big curtain of gauzy net. It was semi-transparent, so with the lighting effects, it cast these shadows when people were behind it.

When the show started, the sound effects intro to 'In the Back of My Mind' was played, and you can sort of see the band members get into their places. When they started singing, "Well I try and I try...", the curtain was dramatically raised to the audience's applause. I don't remember this being done in Toronto.

Even though the album wasn't successful, the shows sold well. They did 3 nights in a row at Great Woods. I remember Stevie wore a mini-skirt.

I just came across this. There's actually a video for 'In the Back of My Mind', pieced together from the 1987 concert video (though it looks like some new shots of Billy B. actually singing the words were added).

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