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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
Somewhat related - in the top ten thread in Chit Chat, I mentioned this David Nail guy, that I was ADDICTED to his first CD. I literally had it in my CD player for about 4 years without taking it out.

One bored day, after years of listening to it, I FINALLY bothered to read the liner notes. Guess who the guitar player was on it????

WADDY!!!! I sh*t you not! No wonder I became easily addicted to the album, it was a sound I've spent my life listening to!
Cool story. Waddy does have quite an interesting career and has worked with so many people. I always loved his video with Kim Carnes "Crazy in the Night". Its so 80's its funny but his guitar licks and he bangs out a great solo in the song. It really could be him singing back up too.
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