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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
On the 1987 tour, they did SYLM, The Chain, and Dreams to open, HAEWAFY as the ďacousticĒ number midway through the set, and Donít Stop was in the encore. In 1990, it was In The Back of My Mind, The Chain, and Dreams to open, Landslide in the middle of the set, and Donít Stop in the encore. But, sure, everything that ever happened with a Fleetwood Mac setlist ever was all Lindsey. Even when he wasnít in the band.

Christine has had ďDonít StopĒ in the encore set ever since her 1984 tour, which he was also not involved with.
Unnecessary anger written in your post.
You're incorrect to bring up '87 because '87 came from 82 Did you know In the Back of My Mind isn't a Chris song?
Lindsey created the acoustic portion of the show. Big Love. Landslide. NGBA.
To deny that Lindsey didn't craft the Mac setlist template is to deny that every person has an orefice.
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