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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
John McVie, more than any of them, is responsible for their success. On December 31, 1974, Fleetwood Mac was on a major label coming off a Top 40 album. They got signed to that label in 1969 because Fleetwood Mac was one of the top bands in Europe. Fleetwood Mac was one of the top bands in Europe because Peter Green was one of the top blues guitarists in England. Peter became that in the Bluesbreakers, after Eric Clapton had become a guitar god with them and basically invited the Gibson Les Paul through a Marshall amp sound. Prior to that, Clapton was a hot shot guitarist from the Yardbirds, though not yet a god. Clapton joined the Bluesbreakers because they were the blues band with the most potential in England. John McVie was the bassist when this happened. Without John McVie playing for Mayall, there wouldnít be a Fleetwood Mac on a label for Stevie and Lindsey to join and none of what eventually happened would have been possible. He is literally the foundation of Fleetwood Mac.

The one thatís full of new songs played in theaters built around the eccentricities of one that will probably be discarded by the next tour or the one representative of the entire career thatís played to arenas?
The one that played Crowded House, Split Enz, and Tom Petty?
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