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Originally Posted by elle View Post
see to me the fact that he sued them knowing full well they can take it to court and air all the FM dirty laundry (wouldn't public eat that up??) was a sign he knew there's no there there. they had nothing on him.

if they did, that was the perfect time to air that out, in the height of #metoo. rabid SN stans kept repeating and insinuating SN was an abused woman trying to justify the firing - but all they had was a whisper campaign. if SN had something, why not come out right then - and again, if that was the case would he be stupid enough to risk it with the lawsuit?

also, if you remember the way they originally planned it was to say that he left. he just refused to go along with that, went to the press and made it clear he was fired for petty reasons. for months FM statements were all over the place because their prepared statements were that he left and they didn't have good reasoning and story to go with the firing.

one last thing - McVies were never onboard with firing. they just were too spineless to try to prevent it. it was never "the whole band wanted to fire LB" - it was always Stevie and probably Azoff, with Mick going along with it for money.
The McVie's are spineless. I mean, I know they're all 100 now, but jesus, step up to the plate!

They might not have been huge without $tevie, but THEY ALSO WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN HUGE WITHOUT LINDSEY.
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