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Originally Posted by anusha View Post
Stevie was willing to play up the fake romance when she could profit from it, but then she can't be civil and stands on "principle" about not waiting for his solo tour when FM has waited for her solo projects before starting theirs
When Stevie's ready, that's when Mick's ready. Meanwhile Stevie's 2012 IYD Tour was playing sheds with tons of empty seats.

2018 was a rush to do another run through the past tour. The bones of the 2018 set is what they did with Lindsey. They copied Lindsey's Chain, Chris song, and Dreams opening trio that he sequenced for OWTS and MusiCares. Acoustic set in the middle with just Stevie and Neil (that started on Unleashed) And Gold Dust Woman into Go Your Own Way to close the main set and then encore with Don't Stop.

They used him then lose him.
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