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Default Lindsey autobiography coming soon?

I received an interesting message on my blog 2 days ago: someone claiming to be an art researcher was inquiring about a specific photo from the archive for the cover art of forthcoming autobiography on Lindsey. I told her he photo was by Herbert Worthington and that it was scanned from the Rumours boxset booklet. She then told me that she had tried to get in touch with his estate over another photo but that was unsuccesful, so probably no HWW photo on the cover. I suggested she tried Sam Emerson, as he also took great photo's of him in the 1970's and he's very much alive and probably easier to get in touch with.
She specifically said autobiography, doesn't that mean that the person themselves is writing it? Because if someone else wrote it about him without his cooperation it would be a biography? English is not my first language so I'm not completely sure about that. Wouldn't that be interesting, Lindsey writing his own story?!

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