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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
Not 2020 films, but what I've watched during the lockdown so far...

Death of Stalin, Two Popes, Lost in Translation, Straight Up, The Green Book, Marriage Story, Only You, Joker, Roma, Bohemian Rhapsody, Blinded by the Light, Berlin I Love You, Boyhood, The Babadook, Incendies, Knives Out, Jumanji: The Next Level, Peanut Butter Falcon, Thoroughbreds, Nightcrawler, Leave No Trace, The Big Short, The Favourite, Captain Fantastic, The Great Gatsby, Begin Again, A Monster Calls, At Eternity's Gate, My Life As a Courgette, The Meyerowitz Stories, Love Marriage Repeat, Iam Dolomite, Julie & Julia, Pain & Glory, Stranger Than Fiction, Thunder Road, Zathura: A Space Adventure, The Bookshop.

A few new films. A few recent films. A few I always meant to watch but never got around to. A couple I've seen before but wanted to watch again.

I'd recommend;
Incendies: Powerful with a genuine o.m.g. moment- though it does rely on a couple of huge coincidences so you have to suspend disbelief.
Marriage Story: Adam Driver just became my favourite actor.
The Babadook: Really clever and thought provoking.
Leave No Trace: Engaging.
Captain Fantastic: An interesting and beautiful film.
Incendies: i guessed the twist when they met with the lawyer at the beginning but the movie runs deeper than its shocking gimmick — it’s radical empathy (as good is Villeneuve’s Polytechnique about a real-life school shooting in Montreal — it’s Guernica cinema)

My Life as a Cucumber: A perfect film.

Pain & Glory: I remain moved by its primal scene — the definitive expression of gay desire’s essential innocence; Almodovar’s masterpiece?
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