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Originally Posted by Murrow View Post
I guess Mick needed someone to fill out the touring lineup and Chris wasn't willing so Billy had to be persuaded back. As far as he was concerned he'd already left when he did his Coming Home album in 1993. I don't think he had any issue with Chris if that's what you're suggesting.
There was a Goldmine interview, mostly about Dave, that said Billy asked Mick if he could come back in early ‘94.

I know there was no bad blood between Christine and Billy. He was on ITM, after all. The fact they didn’t write and sing on together on “Time” was a little surprising, which is why I was curious about the timeline.

If anything, given that Richard, Christine, and Bekka (who Billy has known since she was 3) had problems with Dave, I wouldn’t be surprised if any of those three, or even Delaney, asked/pressured Billy to ask Mick to rejoin to act as a buffer.
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