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Here's the line Christine took in 1997 according to an interview in Mojo, which clearly implies that her hands were tied. So Warners may have forced her to appear on an album she didn't really want to do, although she was under no obligation to tour..

Also appearing on Time was one Christine McVie, who politely notes that her appearance, “was something that I had not volunteered to do; it was contractual. I don't like to harp on it very much, but I thought the music was starting to get a little strange, the choices a little funny. I wasn't really enjoying that particular incarnation of the band, and I left.” At that point, the former Miss Perfect's plans included moving back to England - she's had a home in Kent for five years - and pursuing the hobbies one would expect of a former member of Chicken Shack: "Painting, illustration, I'd like to write a book, I'd like to go to cooking school. I know it sounds utterly absurd, but I really love cooking and I take it very seriously.” Plus a solo album “sometime before the next millennium”.
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