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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
It has some fantastic tunes and sounds more like a band than Tango. Like many, I'm not crazy about the direction or production of some songs. Even the running order could be changed. I would have had more piano on some of Christine's songs vs. a Casio sounding toy keyboard. (Same goes for TIME) I blame the producer for not pulling that out of her even though her writing is fantastic on this album.

Overall, Billy and Rick are extremely talented and fit in with the blues/funky sound of the rhythm section. I give kudos to Stevie for sticking in the band, even though her contributions are more appreciated on other songs. I'm not crazy about her songs. I love her vocals on Skies, and Love is Dangerous, Behind the Mask, and In the Back of My Mind. Huge love for the B section where Christine takes over in "In The Back of My Mind."
I agree with just about everything you said. Except for me personally, the production doesn’t bother me because it was in “vogue” for 1989-90.
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