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honestly, not surprised. American Idol is an institution designed and run by the record industry. They have a vested interest in spoon feeding people the entertrainment they SHOULD buy and artists they SHOULD listen to. That includes plugging old songs that were hits before. Why reinvent the wheel or be original when there are decades of old songs to mine. Save the "good" original songs for when the Idol "wins" and they need an album of original material to sell to the brainless masses that thing winning a talent show is in any way shape or form close to the years of work bands used to have to do perfecting their unique sound and style. Why bother when you can have a half wit "judge" tell you what you should do and copy someone else.

American Idol and the PreFab Boy Group/ Girl Solo act/AMerican Idol was the end of the Music Industry, NOT Napster or iTunes.
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