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Originally Posted by MikeInNV View Post
I think you've almost answered your own question. I seem to recall it was around that time where they were pushing a pretty hard distinction between MTV and VH1, the former being a rock channel for kids and the latter being softer sounds for adults. Fleetwood Mac were transitioning into "your parents' band" around then. They were a rock band in the seventies, so by the late eighties they were for old folks. And a song like "As Long As You Follow"--adult contemporary to the max--only helped that idea along.
Yes of course, I knew that at the time. However, MTV was playing a ton of light pop songs that were also main plays on adult contemporary stations. I thought at the time because the Mac was such an established band they should not have been shunned by MTV. Just a few years earlier they heavily promoted Tango with their "Mac Attack."

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