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Its a great song. I was always confused why MTV never played the video or promoted the Mac's greatest hits. The video was in heavy rotation on VH1 at the time which played soft rock and adult contemporary songs. I was confused why the world was not interested in the "new" Mac and at least play the song. It was the first time the Rick/Billy Mac recorded with the band.
However, there is a reason why the band was very limited in promotion of the Greatest Hits package. Stevie was putting the finishing touches on OSOTM. During the Rockline interview with the band in December 1988, she predicted her solo album to come out in March. I don't think it came out until May. In any event, Stevie was in solo gear pretty much when the song was released. Which pretty much explains why the band never did it live or promoted it very much except for a video.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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