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Originally Posted by lilyfee View Post
I just donít get why he has to be so vague. Itís driving me crazy not to know what really happened. What exactly wasnít working? Why wasnít the band happy? A scheduling issue does not make sense in this context.
Although I would like to know what happened, too, I think it'll be a few years before we find out. When I suggested on a different thread that maybe Lindsey or his wife could share his story in an interview or social media, a few people here seemed shocked. They reminded me that Lindsey doesn't do press, etc. But it really does work both ways. If Lindsey doesn't want to provide details, then why should we demand them from FM? Some people wouldn't like their answer, anyway, while others wouldn't believe them. We've seen that with their interviews so far. When Lindsey left the band in 1987, both were silent on the exact reasons he quit. We got more details some 20 years later. I expect we will get specific answers at some point... say, right before Lindsey rejoins the band for a final tour!
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