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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Thanks for the link, netter75. And yes, the Japanese stuff was lip-synced, but it was cool to see. Used to be on YouTube years ago, but not anymore.

I saw FM for BTM and it was a great concert. In the Back of My Mind got a great reaction from the crowd. The lighting was also incredible, but since that was my first concert, I might have just been easily impressed. Gold Dust Woman, one of my least favorite FM songs, especially benefited from the lighting. From BTM, besides Back of My Mind, they also sang Stand on the Rock, Love is Dangerous, and I think When the Sun Goes Down. I was so bummed they didn't sing Save Me! I wonder if they dropped Save Me for In the Back of My Mind, or if they just skipped Save Me for some reason that night. The Chain, Landslide, Go Your Own Way, and Don't Stop were just as good as when Lindsey was with them. Well, Landslide was better because Stevie and Billy didn't do the fake stuff she did with Lindsey. Go Your Own Way, well, nobody does that song like Lindsey, but honestly it still sounded great. I mean, Stevie and Chrisine sang so much on it, so that helped a lot. It was a great concert.
To think how much Freedom would have been improved if done live with some energy. Here's that clip for anyone curious:,sm0r5.html.

I'm not too terribly familiar with the Behind the Mask tour, only recently attempting to fully appreciate the era, but I think I remember reading that they dropped Save Me for Say You Love Me. That choice makes sense, even if it's a bit lame and very indicative of the band's views on the album. I'd be curious to hear Love is Dangerous live though, it seems like it could be a halfway decent song if it didn't feel so lifeless on the album.
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