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I think this is from the Japan promotional tour. I say this because Stevie is dressed the same and looks early Behind the Mask tour. The band also played Save Me and Freedom during this performance. There are lots of clips of the interviews with the band but they are in Japanese. The Mac had to cancel their Australian leg of their 1987-1988 Shake the Cage tour. The band promised to make it up. The band first toured Australia to promote BTM. I assume this was around that time either right before or after the Australian gigs. The band hit the road very quickly after the album release. I don't know if these were recorded in Japan for the promo. They could have been recorded elsewhere and just played on the show. But these are what I remember from those clips.
Interesting note: In the back of my mind was played in the BTM tour late in the set. It was added as the opener after the band went back on the road after Christine's father's funeral. The band cancelled shows from July 1990 through September. I believe the tour resumed in October 1990 with the song as the opener. It worked really well. Stevie is famous for flubbing lines or coming in late especially in the klonopin years. She nailed every verse live. Never missed a cue or word. The song introduces Billy while showcasing Stevie. Then Christine sings the bridge as the band went into the Chain.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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