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Yes thanks for posting the Billy interview. Really enjoyed it. Its funny because my biggest complaint of Rick and Billy live in the Mac was how constrained they were. Billy calls it sticking to the "record". Lindsey like most other live bands take songs live to a different place. Its not wrong its just not my preference the way Billy played live. However today with the technology groups are sticking to the "record" sound live and play much more constrained. I guess I miss the old arena rock where guitarists would pump such life into songs live. The 1990 tour Rick and Billy opened up a tiny bit more. We got a tiny guitar intro to Rhiannon among other little things. I think Rick and Billy really could have added such an edge to the Mac with putting their own licks on some Mac songs. But of course it would be daring to do that. They played it safe and I understand that. It just sounded too constrained and almost like a Mac cover band at times because the live sound was so conservative.
Not really knocking him, just my opinion. The 1990 tour is still one of my favorite concerts ever.....even better than the Dance believe it or not. In 1997 the Mac met technology and even Lindsey started to play more conservative and their live sound sounded like the "record" or studio.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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