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Originally Posted by BombaySapphire3 View Post
Her only "new" song in over a decade is the recollections a of 12 year old grandiose dream that she jotted down and had someone transform into a clunky monotone song (and I use that word loosely) .The well has run dry.
Sorry to nitpick...
You’ve forgotten about I Don’t Care, the “I don’t mean it, I do care...” verse was written in 2014 at the time of recording. Twisted also had new additional lyrics written in 2014 and Stevie co-wrote You Can’t Fix This in 2013.

There would be a lot of songs she has written that may never be released, including recently (eg My Mother’s Rings and others). I think she will record and release a few more new singles before she retires.
When Stevie dies her estate will probably release an album of new and unreleased songs. Like the Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures album. Stevie is disillusioned with the recording business again and because of that a lot of songs will end up on the cutting room floor and only a select few will be released as singles.

Fleetwood Mac will never record again with Stevie Nicks and if they do it without her no one will have the balls to call it Fleetwood Mac. Unless Stevie dies before the other four. Then they will do as they please and call it whatever they want.
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