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Originally Posted by ThePenguin View Post
As some of you old, shrewd Ledgies already know, there is a glitch in the software system that puts the "Moderator" moniker under a person's name, after administrative action has been taken. The "moderator" label stays there briefly, until corrected.

The only actual moderators of this bulletin board are Jannie, Louie and I. When that changes, I will make an official announcement and let you know when a new moderator comes aboard, just like I let you know about Louie.

If a person has been a hard combatant in a contentious, name-calling thread and suddenly, apropos to nothing, you see the word "moderator" appear under her name, that person has not been made a moderator. That person has been censured in some fashion and a software malfunction gave them a false "moderator" label (although with no accompanying moderator authority or permissions).

I was told that there was confusion about this occurrence and wanted to explain.
Thanks Michele. Also I apologize for the album leak link but still have some confusion as to why (last time I checked that thread wasn't locked?) Would probably help others to not accidentally post a link in the future. Just a suggestion. I realized (later) that a warning was put in there but sometimes as we sift through posts things can be overlooked.
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