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Originally Posted by David View Post
But the arguing over “viability” — who was more “viable” — is all about commerce, not creativity. So boring!
I don’t disagree with most of what you said, but you can’t have one without the other with a band at the level of Fleetwood Mac.

Put it a different way: people around here express the sentiment that Fleetwood Mac was so desperate by 1995 that they needed Lindsey to bail them out. How so? As you mentioned, Christine wrote lovely songs for Behind the Mask and Time, and even more so on the box set songs. So, the core three, the only ones who matter in the Time equation, still had their creativity in tact. So, they didn’t necessarily need Lindsey to bail them out creatively.

So, how else would he have bailed them out? Commercially? That where the viability and sales come into play, because he wasn’t in a position to bail anyone out on his name. Charity begins at home.
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